The Real Deal About Money Catch Professionals In Australia

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Moneycatch is a scam service that sets out to defraud unsuspecting people of their money. They promise to give you back the money you never knew you had, and they have a glossy presence and use the sophisticated techniques to convince you they are the real deal.

When they sting you which they always do, do not complain. Because if you complain, the owner of Moneycatch will refer her lawyers on you, she mentions them in all her replies.

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Threatening anyone that would dare speak about her behaviour. Notice she publicly harasses every person who has ever written or complained about her scam.

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She also writes terrible threatening emails to you and harasses you none stop. I wrote a review of my experience and views about this shocking bully and was harassed and even had the police called.

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The Moneycatch service is run by a Crazy woman who should be locked up. If you are considering ever dealing with Money Catch reconsider, there are many complaints, they cover it but a search for Money catch on will show what they try to bury.

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Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Business Reviews & Complaints

Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals By Deanna Mannix Reviews Complaints

Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals took me for everything.

I am an easy going bloke from the north coast, and I guess am pretty trusting but never considered myself a fool or an easy target. But then again I had never encountered operators like Money Catch.

Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Reviews Scam Alert
Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Reviews Scam Alert

I mean these guys are really polished and they are the type to look you straight in the eyes and lie to you with a warm smile. They did a real number on me, I’ll give them that. Got me trusting them to do the job they said they were going to do, they may account details, my ID cards and cleaned me out.

Of course, if you ask, they don’t know me and have nothing to do with the fraud that cleaned out my account. They really are something else.

Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Reviews Scam Victim
Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Reviews Scam Victim

You know something is wrong when so many come out and start voicing their opinions. Most companies have a few negative reviews. even the huge ones like apple, google etc have their fair share. Some are genuine, some are fake. Usually, the negatives for a legitimate company only amount to an only a small percentage of all reviews.

Fair enough some people want to have a bitch because they have nothing better to do but when the majority of reviews are angry customers as is the case with Money Catch and where people are showing that the positive reviews are fake or bought ( I even saw a screenshot proving it, so it is true) well, Buyers Beware and enter at own risk.

If you get into bed with these scammers and when you do get scammed and lose your dough as I did then you will too post a negative review, but it will be too late and good luck proving it! You cant…

They look really clean, use logos all over their website and emails, everything to bring you in and what your goose is cooked.

So take my warning seriously, I really got fooled by it all.

– Kia Cousins

I Had A Bad Experience With This Business Money Catch

Money Catch Consumer Complaints – The alarm bells didn’t go off for some time. They seemed so genuine, but now I think that the reason they try to overdo their business credentials and have such heavy marketing tactic is to try to overpower the negative information about them. They are very pushy and extremely dishonest, they lie to you and from my experience, they seem determined to do the wrong things while representing themselves as a good and honest business. They are not a business at all they are a group of people conducting criminal activities online under the pseudo of being a business. Their goal is to get you committed, so they can legally scam you, and afterwards use your personal details to get credit cards, loans and use your identity for online criminal pursuits.

After suffering massive financial losses, I decided to fight back and researched them. Many people online seem to speak out against them because they are destroying people’s lives.

They camouflage as a real business and are very good at it, they create fake advertising on the web, develop fake websites and use the internet as their playground like pirates.

Money catch uses the inheritance and unclaimed money ( heir hunters they call it). They rely on your greed and need to believe they can get you all this money.

Money Catch is really in the fake ads pretending to help you to recover the lost money.

Money catch is the No.1 unclaimed money 419 scam in the world. They are listed on and have been for many years. The police did tell me that they cover themselves when you sign up with them or even use their website service you sign your life away and agree to it all. You can not prove that they are selling your personal information for their back door trading in personal identity fraud as they use their agents based overseas for that part of their scam.

If you complain about their harassment and bullying ( they do it constantly) to intimidate you.

Money catch developed tens of FAKE websites all for the sole purpose of deceiving and misleading you into believing that they are a genuine business.

They use online marketing expertly to deceive and misinform. These are all their websites; FAKE WEBSITE FOR SAME PEOPLE. SAME PEOPLE accrediting themselves:) (fake authority website used by Money Catch to defame their competitors),

AURFS same business different name

Australian Unrecovered Finance Services SAME BUSINESS,

Money Catch SAME

If you google Money Catch reviews and Money Catch complaints notice removals of reviews, the removals by Google are all over their page, this is Money catch trying to bury real customer complaints against them. It seems they can do that. But there are hundreds of real customers speaking out to try to ensure that they do not destroy many more people’s financial lives.

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If you take one thing only from this rambling, its that Money catch will stop at nothing to continue their thieving, please protect yourself.