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Technology is quickly changing how we do business, and with that change comes great risk to our security as a global community. One of the greatest threats that come with the internet is the ease by which one can delude, impersonate or trick you because on the internet you cant really be sure if the person you are talking to is who they say they are. Unscrupulous individuals know this and use it to defraud and abuse your trust.

We hope to educate, inform and warn you about a scam known as the 419 Scam or the Money Catch Scam, a scam that has been in existence for over 11 years.

The authorities have been unable to stamp it out because it relies on using what psychological association with all things we judge to be credible and trustworthy.

The Money Catch style scammer is very sophisticated. This is not a small time Nigerian scammer, this is a serious, well-spoken and well-dressed scam operations. That has the leader based in Australia or in America but the heart of the criminal network is often based in hard to regulate countries like India or Malaysia.

Money Catch style scams build trust on multiple layers, utilizing a variety of factors. A very insidious, often expertly crafted and tested layer upon layer approach that starts from the most basic trust psychology to invoke and develop trust in the mark; a very subtle combination of using trust colors (blues/ navy/ white for example), use trust language like the words professional, ethical, etc throughout their language, even coming across as being security conscious themselves using content that teaches you ‘ how to spot a scam’ for example to deflect the fact that they themselves are THE scam.

Money Catch style scams make full use of imagery to trick and mislead; very high-quality images like official logos, positive imagery and ‘licensing and accredited membership’ often baiting the mark ‘ go and verify’ for themselves.

They are masters at developing powerful online presence, using fake reviews and websites to portray a positive image. More importantly, it suppresses the negative feedback that may be pointed towards them.

At Money Catch reviews we bring the good, the bad and the ugly. What you can expect is reporting of scams as they occur with full breakdowns of how they are developed and successfully operated.


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