Money Catch Ruined My Day

Today is a bad day. After losing my job for weeks and having a job hunt, a strange phone call came in and says “We are the MONEY CATCH TEAM you have unclaimed money waiting for you to be claimed” this is the exact message they told me. I said how that happened they said they have intelligence that can trace lost money in Australia and they are the person who put it back to the right owners. Sounds cool right? But there is a twist before they process and get the money I need to provide some information details as that is a requirement.

money catch reviews by archie on yelp

I found it a bit weird because the details they are asking are too personal especially when it comes to bank details. So I asked some friends and said try to google the business reviews first before you provide the information. Nothing to lose anyway because there is money waiting for me. So I tried searching “Money Catch Business Reviews” and then BOOM right into my face. The business who called me has a lot of complaining about they are being scammed. Very scary right so I called my friend to tell what I have found and he said “how come? as I see good reviews about them” I said “Really?” So I dig deeper and it really shocked me as what I have found out that all they’re business reviews saying good about them are all paid actors creating fake accounts with fake profile picture those persons never exist.

money catch customer complaints

A few days later they called me again I pretend I am interested and asked a lot of questions about their business and so on. I said I will only give my information if they answer all my questions, I asked them about people telling that they are a scammed I gave names of people I found here: // / // / // the person pause for 5 seconds and end the call.

money catch business reviews

What a waste of time I spent on them. I just want to share my story so that you are aware of this shady business. Money Catch Is A Scam!