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Money catch is an Australia unclaimed money scheme that expertly uses many sophisticated techniques to defraud the public.

Money Catch Professionals is a very well developed scheme, it appears, reads, and sounds great- they use content marketing and internet marketing to dupe you into trusting them. As an internet marketer, I found their subtle use of graphics, well written (fake websites), colour and phoney credentials or ones acquired for a few dollars very intriguing. They trademark their name to make it seem trustworthy. They use terminology that induces trust and authority. They offer free service to entice you. All well planned. Money Catch refers you to its customer reviews and its accreditation all fake.Money Catch Reviews TalkMoney catch Australia seems to mess about. Trading in its customer’s financial data and personal identity, and then denying doing so.

Trusted business reviews have a long list of reviews attesting to this,

There are also other complaints about them on other websites like Complaints Board Australia, Reviews Talk, Pissed Consumer Australia, YouTube ComplaintsYouTube Reviews, Blog Forums and many more online just search for their business reviews. Just beware as there are also complaints that they buying fake reviews on fiver to post on their site click here.

Money Catch Consumer Review

Money catch also employs a large lot of solicitors for a business seemingly doing the right thing and being ‘the leading professionals’ (not), they refer to several legal firms in their responses to customer complaints. Why would a good business require to threaten with mentions of two legal firms? Smells fishy and it is. The aim of referring to their many lawyers is to make the reader believe they must be telling the truth and also to intimidate the customers thinking of complaining about them. Read their legally worded notices and tell me why an honest business needs so many legal firms representing it! I can’t help but think’ only criminals need lawyers to hide behind’.

The Real Deal About Money Catch Professionals In Australia

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Moneycatch is a scam service that sets out to defraud unsuspecting people of their money. They promise to give you back the money you never knew you had, and they have a glossy presence and use the sophisticated techniques to convince you they are the real deal.

When they sting you which they always do, do not complain. Because if you complain, the owner of Moneycatch will refer her lawyers on you, she mentions them in all her replies.

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Threatening anyone that would dare speak about her behaviour. Notice she publicly harasses every person who has ever written or complained about her scam.

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She also writes terrible threatening emails to you and harasses you none stop. I wrote a review of my experience and views about this shocking bully and was harassed and even had the police called.

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The Moneycatch service is run by a Crazy woman who should be locked up. If you are considering ever dealing with Money Catch reconsider, there are many complaints, they cover it but a search for Money catch on will show what they try to bury.

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Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals Bad Business Review

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Honestly, with a name like ‘Money Catch’, no wonder the whole thing was just a really well-polished scam.

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I pulled out before signing any contract with them after they asked for my personal identification. I don’t care how official they look, I don’t make a habit of giving up my ID so easily, especially to a company with completely unverifiable facts and statistics.

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Half the links on their site are either dead, or they lead to barely put together flashy sites that look suspiciously similar in design to the Money Catch homepage.

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Despite advertising a relatively large team of professionals, my attempts to speak directly to anyone other than the sales rep who called me were rudely rebuffed. Doesn’t take a genius to realize that there wasn’t anyone else on hand. If you want my advice, I’d say stay the hell away from Money Catch because they aren’t half as flashy as they look first glance and the service gets progressively worse as you start to ask more and more questions.

– Aron Darking (Money Catch Scam Victim)

I was scammed by Money Catch and was left destitute | Complained By Crook W.


When Money catch approached me about returning the money they said was mine, I was so happy because at the time my car had just broken down and I did not have the cash to fix it. So it was like a dream come true. It looked too good to be true and it was. They say they are unclaimed money investigators, everything from start to finish was a well laid out lie. They are much worse than any Nigerian scam. They asked me to send them a lot of documents including my identity documents.

What happened next is this scam operator not only took my money and stole my identity. I didn’t know it at the time but the credit card was taken out and used in my name. By the time it was revealed it was too late. I have no money, my credit rating is bad and no one will extend me credit, and I am destitute living in my car and couch surfing at friends places.

If you say anything about the abusive actions of Money Catch they write essays about it, making themselves look blameless, ethical and above reproach. They are the most insidious scam in the world, without exaggerating. They will harass you, bully you and they get their lawyers to bully you or if you put a review about them they get their lawyers to muscle in and it’s removed. Hundreds of other customer reviews about Money catch are removed.

See for yourself go search ‘Money catch reviews’ or Money Catch Complaints’ on google and look at the listed removed URLs list. search for AURFS and Australian Unrecovered Finance Services, then look at reviews on Cyber Space Investigation all are names used by this scam.

You will see all the removed reviews listed on google and on lumendatabase. You can go to //
put ‘Money catch’ in the search bar of the database hundreds of genuine reviews removed. The scammers know exactly what to say to get your reviews removed. Money Catch is full-pledged criminals.

– Crook W.  About Money Catch Reviews & Complaints

Money Catch Complaints

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Money Catch Complaints

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If you are a victim as well please let us know. Let us all fight against this Money Catch Business.